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image  1 Takashi Murakami - I heard that the new project the designer who has helped me with various projects
November 5, 2022

I heard that the new project the designer who has helped me with various projects over the years, GraphersRock , has worked on involved a series of original figures. Highly intrigued, I went to see the exhibition. AF-KURO, who drew the original illustration on which the figures are based, used to work at a company designing motorcycles, and drew illustrations on the side as a hobby. His drawings are incredibly good.The reason I strongly reacted to this project was because I could totally empathize with their passion for creating three-dimensional work based on a drawing. About 30 years ago, I also made 10 or so original figure sculptures, starting with the series called Project Ko2, which I created with a critical perspective toward Japan’s bishojo (beautiful girl) figure industry. But the audience demographic with whom I could share my interest was highly limited, and their critical eye was so unforgiving, so I was extremely nervous each time I presented my work. With such a history of struggle of my own, I noted the novelty and high quality of this project and deeply sympathized with the ambition and adventurous spirit of those who created these figures. I was utterly impressed by the brilliance of the project.Below is the project overview.The project rendered the “motored” bodies, around which the illustrator AF_KURO's fanzine "Shoujo Hatsudoki (Girl Engine)” revolves, as three dimensional work.In this exhibition, MAX FACTORY and Sentinel unveiled the "Motored Cyborg Runner Figure," which they have sculpted and developed. GraphersRock handled the venue configuration and merchandising design.The exhibition runs from October 22 through 28, 2022.
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