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October 14, 2022

From 12:00 on October 14th (Friday),“Murakami. Flowers Halloween Cookie Cans” will be available for pre-order. Like the previous year, Tonari no Kaikado has prepared a fun Halloween.Open the lid and you will find grinning flowers disguised as monsters.The mischievous ghost mood, with bright red blood dripping from its mouth (the flavor of the blood is beets & cinnamon), is accompanied by an army of black skulls, as if they are wearing a black uniform.​This is the first time unveiling this new skull face flower character with bright red eyes.Also, all flowers are in the shape of “Pixel Digital Flowers,” familiar with the NFT Murakami.Flowers.The second layer is black skull and flower’s mini-party, and the third is a flower field: the fun and colorful digital flowers will brighten up this Halloween with a festive mood.​Enjoy the untypical, slightly dark tone.[Tonari no Kaikado WEB Shop]*Sold only in Japan. Please note that we cannot ship overseas.[Sales date]October 14, 2022 (Friday) 12:00-* Products will be posted on the [Tonari no Kaikado WEB shop] when the sales date comes.【Product Details】1. Bamboo charcoal cocoa, beets & cinnamon, pumpkin ★2. Bamboo charcoal cocoa3. Beets & Cinnamon ★4. Pumpkin 5. Sweet potato ★6. Edamame7. Mint8. Butterfly Lemon9. Sakuraba ★10. Walnut ▲11.Cheese ★12. Purple sweet potato13. Cocoa Coconut ★14. Passion fruit*Some cookies use specific raw materials (wheat, eggs, milk).Please contact us for details of each raw material.★ mark with almonds▲ mark with walnuts[Amount] 9,980 yen (tax included)[Size] Length 20cm x Width 15cm x Height 5cm[Weight] 400g[Expiration date] 3 weeks from production[Notes on sales]It will be sold only in Japan.Please note that we cannot accept orders from
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