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image  1 I returned from Art Basel Hong Kong to Japan, where cherry blossoms are in full bloom
April 5, 2023

I returned from Art Basel Hong Kong to Japan, where cherry blossoms are in full bloom. From the airport all the way back to my studio, cherry blossoms were blooming everywhere, which made me feel so happy. Ever since October, when the first hint of winter crept up on me, throughout the winter, I had been wishing to die, plotting how I should move to a country or a state in which euthanasia is permitted, but yesterday, under the cherry trees in full blossom, I felt blessed to be alive for the first time in years.I wonder if has partly to do with the fact that you no longer get shunned for not wearing a mask all the time. Then again, I'm still under so many deadlines, and especially with a number of enormous paintings measuring dozens of meters in production at the moment, it’s truly taxing. And yet, when I see these flowers, I’m filled with happiness.These photos are of cherry blossoms at night near Kitaoji in Kyoto, as well as of the cherry blossoms arranged in Otani Workshop’s jar by Mr. Yoshida of Koji-en, placed in a corner of our Azabu office.How I wish to open a florist this year, against all odds. Anyone out there who would work with me on that?香港のアートバーゼルから、桜が満開の日本に戻ってきて、空港からアトリエまでの間、ずっと、何処にでも桜が咲いてて、とても幸せな気持ちになりました。10月の冬の気配が忍び寄ってきてから冬の間、ずっと、死にたい、安楽死出来る国、州とかに行かねば!とか、考えてるのですが、昨日は桜満開の木の下で何年かぶりに「生きててよかったぁ」と思いました。あー、きっと、最近マスク外しても怒られなくなって来たからかなぁ。でも、締め切りは沢山あって、特に何十メートルもの大作が目白押しで、本当はキツイんですけど、お花を見ると幸せになります。写真は京都北大路付近の夜桜と、麻布のオフィスの一角に設置した大谷工作室さんのツボに桜の花を小路苑、吉田さんに活けてもらったのが満開の写真。今年は無理して、お花屋さん開店したいなぁ。誰か一緒にやってくれる人いませんか?
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