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image  1 DFace - ‘Silent Ride’ Williamsburg, Brooklyn
December 17, 2022

‘Silent Ride’ Williamsburg, Brooklyn. 2022.Backstory: I began creating this artwork in my Peckham, S.E. London studio circa summer 2020, whilst still in some form of lockdown covid surrealness, inspired by track (as per the title of this piece). At this point I was heavily reminiscing and missing much of what covid had taken: travel, the hustle bustle of familiar cities and painting in places with my crew that we all took visiting for granted. Roll forward a few and I’m approached with a commission to paint this wall, the most incredible location, THE SPOT... passed bye by hundreds of thousand of people a day on train, car, foot, bike... the visibility is incredible. I knew immediately this artwork was spot on. I liked the interplay between the wall and passers-by. I’m sure you’ve either been the driver or passenger in similar situations, I know have.This mural was far and away the most taxing of all the walls I’ve painted. From the countless hours spent getting OSHA certified in order to even get on the wall, to the technicalities of painting the actual wall, it was a wrestle from the get go. All I know is when you’re on a wall of this scale, you can’t back down, it’s both mentally and physically exhausting but most importantly t’s team work and a challenge that for sure wouldn’t have been possible with out my crack team of sky pirates: Boots, Max, Louis and master rigger Raj and Singh, also Tod and James on the ground not to forget, most importantly those who approached me and made this possible a huge thanks for the opportunity.At the end of it, we were all glad to walk away with this one under our belts, unscathed but well worn. I hope it’s enjoyed by the public as much as I enjoyed painting it. Brooklyn you rock credit : KINKY’1 - thanks so much for the rooftop documentation!#nycmurals #dface #murals
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