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image  1 DFace - Massive thanks to #dicemagazine , Dean
October 20, 2022

Massive thanks to , Dean & Scott, and all for giving me free reign with their bike for this installation! When I first rode the LiveWire bike, it blew my mind & contradicted my initial belief that an electric motorbike would be a less pure biking experience: no barking exhaust, no gears, no explosive octane smell... WTF! All the things I love about bikes... gone!! I was wrong. This bike is warp speed fast and the experience is almost surreal, maybe closer to flying than riding, possibly a purer experience. It blew my mind!! This installation plays on that stealth-like riding experience and the idea of ‘it’s there, but is it’? This was a pure connection to the ‘wingbolt’ iteration of my D-Dogs wing, combining the flight like feeling of riding and electric power. Yes, I’ve driven a Tess, yes this bike is pricey, yes it’s not perfect, yes I still and always will love the combustion engine. But, the future is coming, and maybe it’s already here. This is a big step forward, so give it a try, you might just love the thing you thought you’d hate...Shout out to Billy Brinkworth & Gary for spinning vinyl all night and for the live screen printing board giveaway! ⚡️🖤⚡️
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